How the Nihola motor changed my life

I have raved before about our Nihola cargo bike. It made our lives so much easier when we bought it 18 months ago. In the summer we moved to Østerbro but my son was still going to school in Valby. Suddenly my working hours got considerably shorter and a little more harried as it took me almost three hours each day to make the journeys there and back. We varied between cycling to Nordhavn and then training to Valby or cycling all the way there, which was tiring especially with the hill at the end.

We had been talking about getting a motor fitted on the bike but at almost the same price again as the bike we wanted to be sure. I test rode one of the shop’s bikes with it on and I was immediately hooked. I dropped the bike off and three days later my life changed. To say I am evangelical about the motor is an understatement. Suddenly my journey time has been cut by a third, my legs aren’t screaming as I now whizz up the hill and my son loves it. He does startle other cyclists by shouting ‘full steam ahead!’ and I am much more aware of some of the more irritating habits of fellow cyclists but it us probably one of the best investments we have made for making our daily life more workable.

I’ve had a few questions from readers so here goes. The motor is a permanent fixture on the bike and the battery pack slides out from a lockable slot and is charged exactly like a laptop. It lasts for approx. 25km depending on the terrain. There are three settings on the bike with increasing degrees of speed and help. And yes you do still need to pedal!

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