Cycling Kystvejen

A few weekends ago I decided to pop my bike on the S train from Svanemøllen up to Klampenborg and cycle back home from there, taking in the whole coast road. Previously I have only ever been in a car on this journey and I thought it would be good to be able to stop and admire the views. It was my first time on the train with a bike and I was amazed that I remembered to get a cycle ticket!CIMG7636

I started at Bellevue Beach and what a difference from July when we swam in the sea and sat crammed in with other sunbathers. It was just as lovely but in a different way. The grey skies and calm sea were the perfect way to blow away to cobwebs. It was entertaining to see the reaction of Japanese tourists to naked winter swimmers.CIMG7638 CIMG7644 CIMG7656 CIMG7657 CIMG7659

I then began my cycle home. It started off nicely. I admired majestic buildings like this one below and stopped to look at the Knud Rasmussen statue. I later found out more about this explorer here.CIMG7660 CIMG7665

The going then got a little tougher, the sun came out and I started to feel a little sweaty. I could see Svanemøllen Power Station a long way in the distance and it didn’t seem to get any closer. The lovely sea views became a little less lovely and finally I reached Charlottenlund Fort. With some relief I stopped and took some photos for this post. The thought of the final, relatively short, stretch of the journey seemed almost too far but I made it home with a camera full of lovely photos and the enjoyment of the sea in my mind and sweat on my brow- maybe next time I might hop on a train sooner (or get significantly fitter!)CIMG7675 CIMG7677 CIMG7684 CIMG7688 CIMG7691


  1. Unless they’ve changed in the last month, you don’t need to have a bike ticket on the s-tog. Only the metro (and øresunds train)

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