More than the Little Mermaid

If you say Copenhagen to most people they immediately think of the Little Mermaid. This little statue is probably the most famous thing about Copenhagen yet many tourists see her for about five minutes as a succession of tourist coaches disgorge passengers on Langelinie, they stand and pose by her, take a photo and mentally tick her off their list, and then on to the next thing.little mermaidSometimes this makes me a little sad but I suppose her location outside the main part of the city means that you either do this or devote a leisurely hour to walk to see her and back again into the city. But what is wrong with this? The walk from Nyhavn to the Little Mermaid is beautiful, right along the harbour with views of the Opera House, past Amalienborg, and the Mærsk building, the little crown topped pavilions where the Royal Family wait to board their yacht in the summer. Despite being a huge tourist attraction the area around The Little Mermaid is very peaceful as you can see from the photo to the right above. So if you do want to visit this little lady, take the time and see more than just her.


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