Why I love Instagram

Social media seems to be such a powerful tool nowadays, whether it is Twitter, Facebook or Instgram. There is an ice cream shop near me that opened this summer, they did no real advertising but as their place was so beautiful and the ice cream so delicious it was Instagramed so much that people simply knew about it.

I use Facebook in a relatively limited way, I only have about 100 friends on my personal page and they are all actually people I have met and know. I occasionally share photos of special occasions but I almost never post any words or thoughts. I do find it useful to get to know about things happening in the city.

I have repeatedly tried to get into Twitter but I simply don’t connect with that forum. But the one social media platform I do connect with, use everyday and love, is Instagram.


To me Instagram is a really positive forum, and whilst I am aware that there are trolls on Instagram, it seems that on the whole it is a happy place to be. I love to follow other Copenhagen Instagrammers to see different takes on my city and I also love to see other places too. It is interesting that I never connected with Berlin but I enjoy seeing it on Instgram, sometimes in the grim way I remember it but also in ways I never saw it.

I love to share my views everyday and they are the things I see not the mundane thoughts I have. It helps me to see the world differently, I look for pretty or interesting things to photograph and share and it often reminds me of the beauty of my city. It is nice to get likes on a photo and comments too as it means that I am brightening up another person’s feed but it isn’t my goal of being on Instagram (well maybe a little bit!).

I have been on Instawalks with other Instagrammers, which I love for the social aspect but also the access these walks can give you to buildings and places that would otherwise be closed to you. But I struggle to find original things to post on these walks and there is an element of pressure to take the perfect shot (at least for me). Living in a small city, I often spot Instagrammers I follow on the train, at the station or around town. I am often too shy to say hello but I do remember a lady coming up to me in the park and asking me if I was Dejlige Days on Instagram as she followed me and we subsequently became friends. I have also connected more with people I have met a few times just through Instagram.

My son loves the idea of Instagram (he has his own private account that I manage but we post photos he has taken on it) and to me this sums up the simplicity and joy of it. He sees it as a lovely stream of pretty pictures and places and it makes him happy – just as it does me!

Here are few of my favourite Instgrammers….@shoegirlinde @berlinstagram @alexandrabode @gittestark @anneauchocolat

Do check them out and oh, me too @dejligedays


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