The scourge of pantry moths

Am I the only person who hadn’t heard of pantry moths? Earlier this summer when we first moved into our new place I noticed little moths flying out of our dry food drawer. In my ignorance I thought nothing of them. Anyone who knows me well will know I hate bugs and their ilk. So you can imagine my horror when reading The Wednesday Chef’s instagram feed I discovered these moths were a little more sinister than I first thought.CIMG7395

She talked about having an infestation of pantry moths and having to throw out all her dry goods including flour and rice. With trepidation I ventured into the drawer to discover a colony of them in an open pack of straws. I chucked these and any other older foods stuffs. Next I went on the internet and found out a lot more. Lots of opened packs of flour went and I doubled bagged the rest up, thinking the fight was over.

Sadly I was very wrong! I spotted some more fluttering out of the drawer a few days later and on further investigation found little caterpillars inside the sealed bags. I spotted three heads poking out but reading that one female can lay 300 eggs, I fear that was the tip of a more horrific iceberg.  More bin bags filled with more wasted food, the drawers hoovered out and disinfected. We then hot footed it to Ikea and bought some lovely Kilner jars for the uncontaminated food, followed by a trip to Matas for an eco friendly trap to put in the drawer to monitor any further attacks.

It seems these little buggers are more prevalent in the US and one friend told me she had eggs on her ceiling so I think we got off lightly. I have no idea of our source, perhaps eggs (which are tiny) were left from the previous owners or perhaps they arrived in a bag of rice from a local shop, who knows but I am now an expert on the elimination of pantry moths!

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