Roses at Rosenborg Castle

We had a bit of a touristy day yesterday and went to Rosenborg Castle for my son to see the crown jewels.  It was interesting but the highlight for me was a walk around the rose gardens, which you can visit without paying to get into the castle. Roses hold a very special place in my heart as I growing up we had a wonderful selection of both colourful and deeply scented roses in our garden. I loved coming home from school to find a single fragrant, deep red rose in a vase in my bedroom placed there by my mum – simple pleasures.CIMG6854 CIMG6863 CIMG6866 CIMG6867 CIMG6869 CIMG6877 CIMG6888

On a practical note we bought this special Museum Park ticket, which offers the chance to  visit six museums close to each other in the city on one ticket for 195kr. You can visit each one once over a period of a year and saves you loads of money.


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