You can’t help but smile when you see these little bouncing ball of fun in shops or people’s homes. One touch of the head of a Hoptimist and they bounce for ages. But these bright, retro looking things are yet another Danish icon, like the wooden birds. First came the Birdie and then Kvak and Bimble and Bumble (Bimble is the girl one (right) and Bumble the boy (left)).

SONY DSCLike the birds, Hoptimists were designed by a Danish cabinetmaker. Hans Gustav Ehrenreich created the design for the Hoptimists back in 1968. Once you know this you can see how they are very reminiscent of that time, with their bright colours and round shapes. Production stopped in 1974 but they were relaunched in 2009. I love the Easter specials.

Do they make you smile too?hoptimist easter


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