Summer sales

Is it just me or are the summer sales super early this year in Denmark? Someone else commented this to me on Saturday as we strolled down Strøget (old joke and not original).  On one hand early sales are a boon as you can stock up on summer stuff just as the real Danish summer begins (which undoubtedly is the logic behind it this year) but on the other hand, you may well have bought something already, hardly worn it and then spot it for 50% off – which has happened to me on occasion.

CIMG6660One thing I love about the sales here is that they are genuine sales. No tat dragged out from storage to boost the racks (and I am looking at a number of UK retailers when I say this) but things you have actually seen full price recently. In a country where classic styling is in and fashions often don’t change at lightning speed, the sales are well worth a visit. I am keeping a tight rein on my purse at the moment as I cycle past more and more udsalg signs – not sure how long I can keep it up though! How about you, are you a sucker for sales?

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  1. Hey Melanie – great to see you at MTB masterclass the other week. I do like sales, but I wish that the DK retailers would drop the prices a bit more than 25-30%. But true though – the stuff on sale is usually from the current season, so that’s fab. I spent a fair few kr – but mostly for the girls – what’s up with that:-) Happy Monday xx

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