Furniture makeover – part 1

I have mentioned a few times my plans to give some older furniture we have a new lease of life before we move to our new apartment. Rather than buy all new things, it is better to make your old things new!

It was the first time that I have painted furniture so after some advice from my parents, the manager of Flugger Farver  on Gammel Kongevej and some bloggers (here particularly), I started with two relatively cheap 10 year old Ikea bedsides, which were a bit dated.

Below is what I started with and the priming stage. I learnt here that slapping primer on willy nilly is not the best way forward. Next time a smoother application and a more consistent coverage would give a better base for the next coat of real colour.makeover process It was a learning curve and I can do better next time but on the whole I am delighted with the results. The colour was not a grey as I wanted but actually works well. The next project a solid wood dressing table but with this experience under my belt I feel a lot more confident.bedside makeover

Resources: Paint- Zen Have from Flugger Farver; new knobs from Søstrene Grene



  1. What a transformation! it’s amazing what one can do with a lick of paint. We have Flugger just down the road from us and I’m a big fan! Lovely to meet you at The Hive this weekend. /Niki

    • Lovely to meet you too, Niki, especially as I am such a fan of your blog! I wish I’d had more voice yesterday -let me know if you are this side of the water and fancy a coffee soon. x

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