New apartment wish list – Danish iconic art

I love to have art on my walls and I especially like it when it gives me a sense of place. Moving to our own place means that we can really think about hanging pictures without worrying about filling the holes two years later. Danish design is world renowned and I have selected a few pictures I would like to grace our walls (although not all of them!) from a number of new artists and more famous iconic images.

Which would you chose?main art

Visse Vasse  retro take on well known landmarks, very famous Wonderful Copenhagen poster in home by Viggo Vagnby (more about this here), Kortkartellet maps of Copenhagen neighbourhoods.

double picture 2

Two iconic images here- Arne Jacobsen chair poster (currently sold out) and Kay Bojesen monkey. Probably a lot less expensive that the actual items but I would love both – picture and real thing.

double picture

Bright art deco style take on Copenhagen houses and all the Danish Lights  I covet in one place. (This is´currently not available but there are some other great posters that are on this website)


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