This Weekend

It has been a strange week with my son at home sick for a few days and then the rest of the week rushing about catching up. The weather has been clear with amazing blue skies but super cold with the exception of one day…when will the real spring arrive?

this weekend

Here are my picks from the Internet this week…

I love this Easter giveaway here…there is still plenty of time to enter.

I am think a lot about how to incorporate a small office space into our new apartment…great inspiration here

I am always fascinated about French eating habits so I enjoyed this.

A couple of fab Easter ideas from my big crafting crush here and here. For more inspiration  here.

I want this!

Review of our favourite museum here (with a lovely little personal mention).

I have been thinking about branding a lot recently and this made me laugh so much!

Looking for a different Easter egg hunt? This looks well worth it.

This is a really interesting new blog about inspiring people.

Thought provoking article here.

If you live in Berlin, you must check this out.

Fascinating discovery here.

Happy weekend. Don’t forget you can follow me on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook, hope to see you there.






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