This Weekend

This week we went through the rite of passage of having a child with chicken pox. It was actually quite painless all round but did mean a period of enforced time at home so plenty of time to look at the Internet.

this weekend

Here are my picks this week…

I love Royal Copenhagen and this is now on my wish list.

It is important to think about the words we use with our kids.

This is perfect for dim sum fans like us.

This is a great gift to make for a little girl.

I love this outfit – I don’t think its too bold, do you?!

How cute is this little fella?

Hoping to make some macarons when everyone is well again, until then this is my inspiration.

We finally got out of our food rut this week thanks to this book, which I have had for ages. Delicious meals that are quick but not that quick.

I love this idea to jazz up a T shirt.

I doubt this little chap realises how cool this is.

So simple and looks relish!

I have reordered this and can’t wait to see some of my favourite bloggers’ (here and here) homes.

Happy weekend. Don’t forget you can follow me on InstagramPinterest and Facebook, hope to see you there.

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