Goals for March

Again a month seems to have passed in the blink of an eye. I felt February was a good month for me and I enjoyed setting myself a few goals to focus on through the month (all but one was met), so I decided to do it again this month…


First up are some blogging goals, as the weather is improving I am going to get out and about and share more of this beautiful city with you. I can also see that you enjoy my more observational posts so there will be a few more of those to come. As always I love to hear feedback.


On a crafting and DIY level I have plans to make a few individual things for our new home and also start to think about giving new life so some of our older pieces of furniture (but that project may wait until it warms up a little!). I want to complete the breakfast set I have been painting in Creative Space. Two more bowls and maybe something else.


I am loving sharing my weekly flowers with you and I really want to learn more about modern flower arranging so I am planning to borrow a few books from the library, immerse myself in Pinterest and see what I can learn. I would love any book recommendations on this too.

Finally closer to home, my son is desperate to learn to read so I am looking at free resources on line to help him along the way a bit. Any homeschoolers out there I would love to hear from you on this one.

Good job March is a longer month than February!

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