When I grow up….

I read somewhere a few years ago that it is important to encourage your children with creative hobbies as it can be the basis of a future career. It got me thinking about how I liked to spend my time as a child under 10 and I realised that the beginning of my future career and passions were already there.


I loved my little point and shoot camera and was delighted when I got a  portable typewriter for my birthday one year. I wrote many short stories and half-finished novels longhand and then spent hours typing them up. I wrote and, to my shame as I am no artist, illustrated a series of newsletters entitled ‘Wildlife in danger’. I wanted to change the world around me.  I devoured books as soon as I could read. I cut pictures from catalogues and created what would now be called mood boards. I crafted like crazy both with my mum and alone. I was fascinated by other countries and, as I got older, learning new languages. My parents encouraged me at every turn.

At the same time my husband was doing basic computer programming on his Acorn Electron (as well as riding his bike miles and playing outside until it got so dark you couldn’t see the ball or each other).

So what did we become? Well, grown up versions of our nine year old selves I suppose. I went into a career in public relations – writing newsletters and articles and more recently blogging and developing my photography. Imagine how my little girl’s mind would have exploded at the thought of Pinterest! I still love reading and I have a number of my own half written books under my belt – so nothing has changed there. I have lived in two new countries and have spent time learning four foreign languages. I still craft like crazy when I have the time. Some of my most important material possessions are my laptop, camera and iPhone – just as my little camera and typewriter were then.

My husband studied computer science and has a successful career in software development. As well as riding his bike everywhere!

My son is currently obsessed with buildings from real ones to Lego ones and ones he had created out of recycled materials. Perhaps the seeds of a  career in architecture are already there? Only time and encouragement will tell….

Did your childhood passions lead to your career?

Photo source (and I wish mine had been this pretty!)


  1. You know, I used to read to my neighbor with Down’s Syndrome, create doll houses on, under, and around dining room chairs, make dresses for my dolls, and pet every stray dog I came across. Sounds about right!

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