The mystery of Bridge Blandning

I think most people have watched or read Harry Potter? Remember Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans which can contain pleasant or horrid flavours? Well I have discovered they exist in Denmark (and by all accounts in other Nordic countries) as Bridge Blandning. Once choice can give pleasure, the next horror. Beware if you are at someone’s home and these little hazards are in a bowl on the table!


First sold in the 1960s, they are popular with the older generations and can be found in all supermarkets. They have been modernised a little with slightly brighter colours but the concept remains the same.

They say these bags of sweets contain chocolate covered nuts, raisins, puffed wheat, sugared almonds, smarties style chocolates – so far so good, yes? But then there are white sweets that look like big Smarties – no! These are some strangely strong mint sweets and then there are liquorice sticks. As a country of liquorice lovers you can see why these are popular – but be careful in your choice and you should enjoy them!


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