This Weekend

We have enjoyed a mixed bag of weather here this week and now have a feverish child but hopefully the weekend will bring better things. Here are my weekly picks from around the internet.


Something to brighten up your walls via here.

These are the kind of outfits I will need soon.

What a lovely (and green) way to light your garden.

Two perfect jams for autumn here and here

I need this soup in my autumn lunch repertoire

I remember the magic of these from my childhood – I hope I can find one too.

Two great ways to help your child learn here and here

We have a lot of apples at the moment and this is perfect!

Double rainbows anyone?

This struck a chord with me.

This DIY is on my list, oh and this one too.

Finally please find time to read this moving story and perhaps add a donation.

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  1. Thanks for the link love Melanie! That charity run looks very worthwhile. I have a dear friend who had a premmie and I know it’s such a hard road in the hospital. Thanks for sharing that link and hope you had a great weekend.

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