Kogebogeriet – Denmark’s first cookbook shop

Did you know that bookshops selling just cookbooks are a thing? I love the idea of this as if you head to a normal book shop you will only find a small selection of cookbooks and often only the popular ones. The idea of niche bookshops is not a new thing and there are plenty of these cookbook ones across the world with ones in Paris, Berlin, London, Amsterdam and many in the US. And we now have our very own in Copenhagen.

Denmark’s first cookbook shop and cafe, Kogebogeriet, opened at Guldbergsgade 10 in Nørrebro {map link} at the end of 2018 and has a fabulously curated selection of cookbooks and is also a cosy cafe as well. They run cooking and cookbook related events (you can find details on their Facebook page {link}).

I received a DM on Instagram inviting me to come down and visit the store and as I am a lover of books (and food) I didn’t need to be asked twice. I walked into the cosy shop, just a stone’s throw from the vintage mecca street, Elmegade and Sankt Hans Torv and it looked  a little familiar to me. So you an imagine how delighted I was to be embraced in a hug by the owner, Bitten, who used to run a lovely little coffee shop I loved in Østerbro. Kogebogeriet is her new place and all the wonderful decorations and furniture she had in her old place have made the new one even more special.

You can get a fresh coffee, snacks and lunch here and sit in the sun-filled shop to browse the books, read your own or jump on the Wifi. Regulars can even have their own mug on a peg behind the counter (the coffee shop provide the mug). It has a lovely community feel to the place.

I loved how Bitten has grouped the books by type and that there are so many books here that I’ve never seen or heard of before, which makes a lovely change. There are books in both English and Danish here. I bought the book Buttermilk Graffiti (see above before I took it home). This is an amazing book and I am devouring it already. I doubt I would have ever seen this book or even heard of it had it not been for this shop.

My friends over at Bybi get everywhere at the moment and you can buy their honey and produce here too.

If you are interested in books, cooking or are simply looking for a new coffee shop spot in the heard of trendy Nørrebro head over to Kogebogeriet and follow them over on Instagram and Facebook to keep up to date with all their events, opening times etc.

Politiken also love this place, you can read their article (in Danish) here.

I adore this table decoupaged with old postage stamps and who isn’t interested in how Charles Dickens dined?

C’est cheese! Inspiring cheese books!

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