This Weekend

It is predicted that this is the last weekend of sunshine so hopefully we can all enjoy it.


As usual here are a few things that caught my fancy this week…

Some good crafting ideas as the evenings get darker here and here.

Such happy memories of this place too.

Fancy some guerrilla gardening?

Two ways to unplug from the world for the summer here and here.

I’ve had a number of medical emergencies in other is some good advice to make them a little easier.

Never to early to think about valentine’s?

Ever heard of tonka beans?

Origami fit for the Queen of England.

Saving flowers to remember the summer by.

Very interesting take on high school in America.

I loved reading from an early age and my son is following suit – good advice here to help it along the way.

I loved this course…last chance to take it now.

Green roof at Nørreport.

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