Royal Smushi Cafe

It is fair to say that living in Copenhagen for me is a on-going battle between my strength of will and the amazing selection of cakes and pastries assaulting me from every side. Every week, after stepping on the scales, I chant the mantra ‘no more cakes’ but that soon gets forgotten when I am faced with reality.
Royal Smushi Cafe, alongside Royal Copenhagen on Strøget, is probably one of my two real enemies in the battle against cakes (Serenity Cupcakes being the other). They are famous for smushi, an imaginative combination of sushi and smørrebrød (open sandwiches), which I am yet to try but look fabulous.
We usually stop in here mid afternoon for a cake or trifle and I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing these cakes are. One afternoon I saw the waitress putting a slice or portion of every cake on a series of long plates for a group of American tourists to try all there was on offer and I wished they were coming to me and me alone!
Visit, I urge you! Calories consumed here don’t count, or so I tell myself!


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