French beauty products

This is the last of my current series of French related posts…
Pharmacies in France are about more than just medications and prescriptions, they are the place to buy beauty products. Each pharmacy, even very small ones, have a huge selection of French brands of face creams, cleansers – you name it. I recently read an article about why French women age less quickly than their British counterparts and the main reason is how they use age appropriate face products from their teens onwards.
I have recently started taking these matters a lot more seriously, although about 20 years too late by all accounts, so I was eager to try a few of the products myself. First on my list was micellar water, used to remove make up and clean skin before other cleansers and creams. There was an article in this month’s Red magazine raving about what they described as the French models and make up artists’ best kept secret. So with help from the assistant in the pharmacy I went for one by Bioderma. It was very inexpensive and I feared that it would be somewhat Emperor’s new clothes but after a week of use I can agree that my skin feels much cleaner after using this and that my other products seem to be more effective.  
The second product was an organic eye lotion from Sanoflore, which is used to reduce puffiness around the eyes. The recommendation for this came from Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop website via Design Mom. I have been suffering from hayfever for a few weeks and I have found that this lotion spritzed onto cotton wool pads rested on my eyes for a while before sleeping has reduced the soreness and puffiness.
Finally I treated myself to two different fragranced handcreams from L’Occitane. All these products were purchased from a relatively small pharmacy in my parents’ local small town. I was a little overwhelmed by the selection but I intend to try more things next time.
Micellar water is available from a variety of brands here in Denmark both in the pharmacy and in department stores but they are a lot more expensive here than in France. I haven’t spotted the Sanaflore products here yet. If you are in France this summer make sure you make a stop in the pharmacy to find your own new favourite beauty product.

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