8tallet – combining nature with urban

Many new and amazingly designed buildings have sprung up in the time I lived in Berlin and 8tallet is one of them. Located right at the end of the metro line at Vestamager, this figure of eight apartment complex is an amazing sight – made even more amazing by it close proximity to Kalvebod Fælled and the Vestamager Nature Reserve. Maybe it shouldn’t work but I think it does.
Whilst wandering around we spoke to an very enthusiastic architecture student sketching its curves and local (English) resident who told us how much she loved living there. On the metro we met an older lady who lived close by in an old style villa and she still liked it.
We spent our honeymoon in Santorini and I felt that the building with its little terraces, ramps and staircases had a real feel of this Greek island about it – but maybe the blue skies and sunshine had something to do with that.
There are so many little aspects that catch your eye, such as the living roof and the little twists and turns of the ramps and stairs. I am not sure how much privacy residents get but it is a great place to explore as long as you respect the residents.
Click here to read more about 8tallet and to see some brilliant photos by a prolific instagrammer, Gitte Stark click here – she really does it proud.

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