Danish Architecture Centre

As part of our spontaneous Instawalk yesterday we spent an hour or so in the fabulous Danish Architecture Centre. The current exhibition, which costs 40kr, is called Your Harbour and explores how Copenhagen harbour has changed over the last hundred years or so. The exhibition takes innovation to the next level. There are amazing pictorial boards with interesting information in English and Danish but the interactive element aimed ostensibly at children but is just as great for adults utilises all the senses to bring the harbour to life – from boxes with smells of the old and new harbour to holes to shine torches into to see different aspects of harbour life. The exhibition really gave me a new understanding of the harbour.
But the best part (and I have no idea how they do it) are video screens showing old photos and maps which you shine normal torches at and the modern scenes appear. I could have stood and done this for hours and in fact we did spend a long time being amazed by it. This exhibitions runs until June 16th and I am sure future exhibitions will be just as interesting but this is a must see.
The cafe and bookshop are free to visit and the views across the harbour from the cafe are great.
I had a little time to browse in the bookshop but definitely will return when I am on my own as the selection of books was great. They also have a selection of unusual gifts, which are very tempting.
The DAC is a great way to spend an afternoon.


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