Decorating for Easter

Before we moved to Germany last year, I was a little ambivalent about Easter. I had the gold Karen Blixen ornament (in the top left of the first photo) for a few years but that was it. In Germany there is a big tradition of decorating trees outside your home with little eggs and it was one of the few things in my time in Berlin that caught my fancy. There is a lot of great inspiration for Easter on Pinterest.
So this year I decided to decorate a bit more for Easter and my son loved the idea. We are not a religious family but Easter for me does represent the end of the dark winter and a time of rebirth especially living in Scandinavia where the winters seem to last forever. 
I actually spent very little on this display but I am delighted with it. Most of the colourful eggs and little fluffy chicks are from Tiger. I treated myself to a Royal Copenhagen porcelain egg and a little rabbit from Helle Gram. The living twigs are from my local florist and will last well beyond Easter.

The vase was from Notre Dame and is very tall, perfect for a tall flower display. The candle tulips are from the Royal Copenhagen shop.

Despite the fact there is still snow on the ground and more forecast, this display has certainly brightened up our dining room.

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