Cooking with Children – Chocolate Banana Bread

It has been so cold recently that we took the opportunity to do some baking at home, which always amuses my son and we all get to enjoy the results. As we had some bananas on the turn I thought we could try this chocolate banana bread from The Great British Book of Baking.
It is a very easy recipe for children to help with once you have melted the butter and let it cool. After that is is a matter of mixing the dry ingredients with the wet ones. Noah enjoyed bashing up the chocolate and walnuts and mashing the banana. Mixing everything together was good fun for him and I did the final combine.

The recipes says bake for 55 minutes but ours was ready in around 45 minutes. We are a bit greedy and had a couple of slices whilst the bread was still warm (the recipe recommends letting it cool) and it is certainly better once it has cooled as the banana is nice and gooey and the chocolate a bit crunchier.



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