Danish Design Magazines

One of my favourite things about living in Denmark is the beautiful interior design the country is famous for. To get my monthly fix and to lust after beautiful things, I always buy two of the popular, monthly Danish interior magazines; Bo Bedre and Bolig Liv. Even if you can’t read Danish they are simply delightful to look at.

I am a recent convert to Bolig Liv after staying in the AirBnb apartment and reading our hostess’s collection. It is a really accessible interiors, food and garden magazine with both affordable (for Denmark) and aspirational ideas plus some DIY projects and of course, delicious food. To me it is more about what you put in your home rather than the homes themselves.

Bo Bedre on the other hand, I find a lot more aspirational and about the architecture and layout of dream homes (which could actually be your neighbour’s home). I like it as much as Bolig Liv but for different reasons. It gives such an insight into how modern Danes live and want to live.
The colours in both the magazines are beautiful and it is a real treat to sit down with the new issues and a nice (handle free) cup of peppermint tea.
Both are widely available to buy and you can loan back issues from the libraries here in the city. There are other interior magazines on the market here but these are my favorites.

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