Second Hand September

Oxfam are running their successful Second Hand September campaign again this year and it seems even more relevant this year with the state of the world. The spotlight has been very publicly shone on the negative human aspects of fast fashion from the cancellation of orders and lack of payment for garment workers across the world to the scandal of Leicester garment factories and BooHoo earlier this summer. Combine this with the massive decluttering that happened during lockdown, there should be a great selection to chose from this September.

Second Hand September is not just a UK thing either, wherever there are vintage, secondhand or charity shops it can be a ‘thing’. So in the spirit of this I have been hitting up my favourite spots and scored a fabulous bright pink and animal print sun dress for about a fiver. I know it is no longer summer but I can save it for next year or even better wear it under a jumper with tights.

If you want some inspiration of some of the places to check out in Copenhagen you can watch my video of my favourite spots in Nørrebro and also see a haul of secondhand clothes from them (over a few months and also included clothes from a clothes swap). I also wrote this guide to other parts of the city.


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