Copenhagen libraries to reopen for borrowing/returns on 18th May

For me the best news so far in regard to the reopening of Denmark is that libraries are opening again on 18th May. I got the inside scoop from one of my librarian friends on how it would work a few days ago but yesterday the library website shared the full information.

This is the link to all the details but below I have created a summary.


  • All Copenhagen libraries will open on 18th May but only between 1pm and 5pm weekdays.
  • And only for  returns of books and pick ups of preordered books.
  • If you use the ebook function in your library account, the system currently allows more books to be borrowed and reserved.
  • There will be no self service or ‘grazing’ as browsing was translated as in Google Translate.
  • The libraries are giving borrowers until 25th June to return books from before lockdown and fines will be suspended during that time.
  • You can start to place reservations on new books from 18 May but the library is urging people to check if they still want books reserved before lockdown and  don’t want them anymore to cancel the reservation in your account.
  • There is significantly restricted access to the libraries for now meaning you can’t sit in the library, use the PCs but simply pop in for books. They are asking that you come to the library alone or with one other to reduce the contact between staff and other patrons. You must only come at your booked time slot and staff will check you have a valid slot on your arrival. Please remember to be kind to the staff, they are doing all this to keep everyone safe and ensure we can again borrow books.
  • You can return books to any library (with an appointment) but only collect pre ordered books at your ‘home’ library.
  • The whole library system is adhering to all the rules and guidelines from the government, which they have outlined on the page linked above, worth reading if you have any concerns about the hygiene around the circulation of books.

If you are looking for some inspiration of some books to borrow, check out my previous post, all the books I mention are available in the library stocks here in Copenhagen (although there may be a wait list on them).

In case you missed it, here is my latest update video about the COVID 19 situation in Denmark and the second phase of reopening up the country. If you don’t want to miss out on any new videos please subscribe to my channel!


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