Vintage and Secondhand Shops in Nørrebro, Copenhagen {video}

In this video I take you on a tour of some of (what I think are) the best secondhand and vintage clothes shops in Nørrebro.

The theme of this video (and I do say it a lot!) is about looking for an alternative to fast fashion and how not to look the same as everyone else. But the main driver for me to shop secondhand is the reduce the amount of new clothes going into the system and reusing and enjoying what already exists. I hope you enjoy the video and it gives you some inspiration.

Also on another note, it was the first time I tried out a new mascara and as you can see it doesn’t fare well with a cold wind in the face and watery eyes!

You can see the map of the places I visit here

And here is a list of all the stores I went into.

Red Cross Megastore, Fælledvej 4, 2200 København

Gemmeren, Fælledvej 9, 2200 København N

(Laura in this shop also mentioned this excellent vintage and second-hand flea market called Rita’s Blå Lopper )

Prag, Nørrebrogade 45, 2200 København

Keiko, Birkegade 9A, 2200 København

Muttilove, Birkegade 9, 2200 København

Bau Bau, Birkegade 3, 2200 København

Fremtiden, Nørrebrogade 40, 2200 København

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