Camp Adventure {as featured in TIME Magazine’s Greatest Places 2019}

Over the summer we decided to hire a car for the day and visit Camp Adventure {link} about 45 minutes drive from Copenhagen. I had seen tons of pictures of the 45 foot tower located in a forest on the highest point of Zealand and thought that we should definitely visit it whilst the weather was good.

Just this week Camp Adventure has been featured as one of TIME Magazine’s greatest places to visit in 2019. Here is the list. You can read more about its inclusion in the list here and here (in Danish and behind a paywall)

So what is Camp Adventure? “The 45 meter tall Forest Tower, situated in one of Gisselfeld Kloster’s forests, offers a 360 degree view over the beautiful southern Zealand nature. The Forest Tower is built with corten steel and local oak.” This is the main thing most people will be visiting for (but I would caution you if you are not a fan of heights as it feels very open once you get beyond the narrow middle part of the tower) and it does afford amazing views.

The boardwalk forest trail taking visitors up to the tower and back down is a fantastic walk. We went in August and it was very green and verdant. I heard from friends who went in the spring and they said the flowers were breathtaking. I can imagine that it would also be amazing in the autumn as most of the trees are desciduous so the colours should be well worth seeing. It really is a place for all seasons.

As well as the walk and the tower there is Denmark’s largest climbing park with ten courses in the tree tops. There are courses for everyone from beginners to advanced and for all ages. You can buy tickets for just the tower or the climbing park but there is also a combo ticket.

I really enjoyed the experience but if I am honest I couldn’t make it to the top of the tower due to my fear of heights. I had imagined that it would have been OK for me as it is only 10 metres higher than the Round Tower in Copenhagen and I can happily go up there. I think it was something to do with the open nature of the tower at Camp Adventure.

So what are the plus points?

The unique experience of walking above the tree level and seeing an amazing view and also the architecture of the tower. Watching the seasons change here would also be worth making the visit multiple times in the year (and they do offer a reasonable season pass).

By arriving just as the park opened meant we were able to enjoy it without too many crowds.

Camp Adventure are very aware of the impact attracting large numbers of people to a forest ecosystem and they have a number of rules in place about litter (even compostable matter such as apple cores and banana skins) being dropped in the forest, ensuring that visitors stay on the boardwalks so as not to interfere with the forest floor. I am not sure how they will enforce this but hopefully people will respect it.

There is a large car park for visitors (but you do need to pay to park which seems a little steep as it is very difficult to get to by public transport and the entrance fee is expensive but more on that later).

If you are into the climbing element I think this would be quite an experience!

There are a few places selling decent food but so far it is not very commercialised and the prices are very reasonable considering you are somewhat a captive audience as there are no other food options nearby. There is plenty of spaces to eat picnics in the area around the ticket office.

Now the downsides.

Firstly getting there. It is virtually inaccessible by public transport from Copenhagen. It takes nearly two hours and a number of transport changes to get two kilometres away from the site and that last bit needs to be walked. Not very easy especially for families.

The cost. I understand why the cost is high however I am not sure, especially as I didn’t make it to the top of the tower, that 150 dkk per person (only free for kids up to the age of six) is really worth it. Yes the views are amazing and you can enjoy the forest air but at busy times I am imagine it is a much less relaxed and bucolic experience. You can save 25dkk by booking at least a day in advance and in the busy times this is probably advisable.

Toilets. I have a very small bladder so for me toilets are very important, as they are for people with kids. There were toilets at the main building area at the start of the walk but again at a busy time these would end up with very long queues for them. Many tourist places have started to offer gender neutral toilets which mean that queues can go down faster and I was surprised that a new attraction like this had not considered that. To be fair perhaps during the height of the season they may provided temporary toilet blocks.

But all in all I would say it is definitely visiting at least once as it is a very unique experience.


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