Danh Vo at the SMK

Whenever I go to a modern art exhibition I am aware of how little I understand it all yet I still enjoy exploring the works. As we have a year pass for the Statens Museum for Kunst (SMK) I went along to see the exhibition by Danh Vo called Take My Breath Away, which is run in collaboration with the Guggenheim in New York. I found the exhibition a mixed experience for me – some of it I found baffling (even with the explanation in the guide) and some I liked.This chandelier was probably the stand out piece for me (and as the SMK used it in the promotional materials it is obviously something that appeals to the most people). It was a chandelier which was in a photograph documenting the signing of the Paris Peace Accord which ended the Vietnam War. You can read more about this piece here.

I particularly liked the paper lampshade display in the Sculpture Street in the centre of the museum. You can read more about the entire exhibition here and it runs until the 2 December. I do love the SMK’s building and regardless of the current exhibition, it is a relaxing and peaceful place to have a wander around. It is interesting to head up to the suspended walkways and see the museum from a different angle. The Kafeteria (another part of the museum that Dahn Vo had worked on) offers superb food and drink (you can see one of our visits here).

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