Cherry blossom around the city

The cherry blossom avenue in Bispebjerg Cemetery used to be a secret place for only those in the know. Over the last few years it has become a huge tourist attraction with over 150k visitors. Last year they put signs up to help people find it and this year I hear there are now more benches and temporary toilets.

I’ve used my photos from 2015 and as it looks the same every year that’s OK, except now unless you go very early or late in the day you’ll be jostling with tons of people, at the weekend people were actually queuing to see the blossoms. It is also important that whilst this avenue of pink is beautiful, the location is in a cemetery so be respectful.

Whilst you are visiting the cherry blossoms don’t miss the chance to experience the wonder of Grundtvigs Church as well. It is a cathedral size church that is not a cathedral!

Also there are other places to spot cherry blossom in the city without the hype – Sonder Boulevarde in Vesterbro, Langelinie, and the Skydebanen playground in Vesterbro to name a few.

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