March – a month of hope

March in Denmark always feels like the month of hope. After the long, dark winter months suddenly the days are getting longer. No longer are we travelling to school in the mornings in the pitch dark or coming home again as it is getting dark. It creeps up on you. We were walking to school last week and my son suddenly said, “have you noticed something? Its light!” and he said the same in the afternoon as we came home. It does take you by surprise as your mind thinks it is still much earlier than it is and we’ve had a few meals later than usual due to my blasé attitude of using daylight as my guide (somewhat like a farmer).tulipsAs I was travelling across the country to Århus last week, I noticed there was a warm glow from the sunlight bouncing off houses and trees and it made me feel hopeful and looking forward to the spring and summer, despite the fact it is still cold and wet. The erantis and snowdrops are out and crocus are not far behind.erantis

It’s funny that March in my mind is always intertwined with the memory of moving to Copenhagen that first time almost 9 years ago. That year Spring came early and by the start of April it was here. That time for me was a hopeful and exciting one and it is apt that it was also the change of season. This March we are moving to our new home, just minutes from the beach and I am looking forward to Spring and Summer afternoons spent there and the chance to see the sunrise over Amager Strand or Kalvebod without having to get up an hour before to get ready and across town. The thought of sneaking out at 3am to see the sun rise over the sea towards Sweden fills me with such joy.statue and flowersFor those readers who have moved here over the winter months, now is the time to witness Copenhagen waking up and coming into bloom. And I can’t wait!

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