Royal Copenhagen Christmas Tables 2016

As usual I visited Royal Copenhagen to see their Christmas tables. I enjoyed this year’s a lot more than last. If you are in Copenhagen this Christmas I heartily recommend you take a look at these sumptuous tables. But for those who aren’t here are some pictures for you to enjoy.

This year the tables were created by six Danish fashion designers or design duos.

First is Leyla Piedayesh, founder of Lala Berlin, with her table inspired by the three wise men.dsc01849 dsc01850

Then, surrounded by gauzey curtains is the table by Mark Tan. It is entitled Labyrinthian Snail Shell and represents complexity and togtherness and features a fabulous display of mistletoe.dsc01854 dsc01856 dsc01858 dsc01859

Then the one by Cecilie Bahnsen, with a table that represents to marrying of different traditions and also shows a Christmas table scene where work and home life collide.dsc01862 dsc01863 dsc01865

The next by the duo behind Baum and Pfedgarten is on a rotating table which was hard to photograph and represents an eclectic whirlwind of ideas.dsc01871

Ole Yde has chosen to show Christmas Eve at Le Petit Trianon and a decadent scene.dsc01876 dsc01877 dsc01878 dsc01881

Finally one that was really far too pink for even me was a table scene by Charlotte Eskilden, the designer behind Designers Remix showing a minimalist Christmas (as long as you like pink!)dsc01882 dsc01884 dsc01887

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