A new chapter for Serenity Cupcakes

Five years ago Mariam Mistry opened Serenity Cupcakes and immediately, and ever since, it has been the place to go in the city for the best cupcakes (and for a while the only cupcakes). She was always in the shop and it was totally her, from the decor to the cakes. I also attended one of her cupcake making classes and it was a wonderful evening. She is a warm and wonderfully welcoming host and the cakes are just superb. Over recent years she has been running the shop, baking the cakes and also building the Serenity brand. She contributed a recipe to this book and was named as one of Elle Danmark’s 100 women to watch. Now she has announced that the shop will be closing on the 29 October 2016 so she can concentrate on developing her business further and  bringing her cakes to more people.serenityThis is some of what she shared with her followers on Instagram:

What a ride! 5 amazing years making cupcakes in the most beautiful surroundings, surrounded by amazing employees and the most wonderful customers! What more can you wish for ~ almost nothing, except more time,  time to follow your dreams, time to expand, time to develop and time to get Serenity out there! Therefore I have made a tough decision and decided to close down the shop on Grønnegade from 1/11-2016! I have for a long time been wanting to develop Serenity – but had no time, as running the shop takes up a lot of time. I feel the time now is right and I’m ready for this next chapter to begin. 

screen-shot-2016-10-16-at-19-08-43She emphasised that it is just the shop that is closing and that Serenity Cupcakes will be continuing. I have found Mariam a real inspiration over the years – to see how she has built this business from just a dream to a reality; put so much of herself into it and how simply bloody hard she has worked to achieve this but how she still always had a smile and kind word for customers, many of whom became friends of hers.

I have no doubt that the future ahead of her is full of even more wonderful achievements and I hope to share more of this with readers as we need more people like Mariam in the world to inspire people with dreams and also for little girls to see that there is a place in the business world for them.

So you have until 29 October to enjoy one of Mariam’s wonderful cakes in the sweet and hyggeligt shop on Grønnegade. We popped in this week and I will try and get in again before the end of the month but I am sure it won’t be the last time I taste one of these delicious cakes. I raise a glass (and a cake) to her future!

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