Harbour swimming

Since the 4th of June the harbour swimming baths have been open. Just ten years ago it would have been unthinkable to swim in the harbour here but not so now the water quality is so high.IMG_4992There are three public harbour swimming baths in the city and two bathing zones.

Firstly the harbour pools – these are at Sluseholmen, Fisketorvet and Islands Brygge (you can find their exact locations here). They are all free and open 24/7, although the life guards are there between 11-19hrs. All offer a large pool for swimming lengths, diving platforms and a variety of children’s pools. They all have a children’s pool but Islands Brygge has a toddler pool as well and Sluesholmen has one for teens.

A newer thing here are the two bathing zones – one at Halvandet by Refshaleøen (which has not yet opened) and one at Halfdansgade close Islands Brygge, which are marked out swimming areas in the harbour. The signs in these areas say ‘Badning Tilladt’ and do not have lifeguards so you swim at your own risk. It is not recommended to swim in the harbour in other places, although you will see plenty of people doing it. For more information about the one at Islands Brygge visit here.

In case you are worried about the temperature and quality of the water you can check that here for all the harbour pools and bathing zones.

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