Eye Attack at Louisiana

We spent the day on Sunday at Louisiana to experience the current exhibition, Eye Attack.  This is the first major presentation of Op Art and Kinetic Art in Scandinavia for more than 50 years (you can read more about it here). And we loved it. Experiencing such, quite honestly, trippy art is amazing and I enjoyed my son’s reaction to it. A lot made me feel slightly queasy as your brain tries to make sense of the optical illusions. It is very true that this kind of art, originating from the 1960’s in the main, remains timeless and as part of the exhibition there is a section that shows op-art in the modern world, both real and the art world.IMG_4238

I took a few photos but due to the nature of the art, at times it didn’t really translate into stills captured through a lens, so it is an exhibition that really needs to be experienced in the flesh.IMG_4247

The Children’s Wing also offers some great ways to engage children in the exhibition, with a table set with op-art stencils and a lightbox where you could create black and white kinetic art. We spent over an hour here.IMG_4270

As usually Louisiana offers something special and well worth the trip up the coast for it. Eye Attack runs until June 5th 2016 and more information can be found here. And don’t forget to take advantage of the money-saving DSB train and entry ticket combo.

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  1. This looks fab. Really enjoyed the Yayoi Kusama exhibition a few months back and have always been partial to op art, especially the work of Bridget Riley.

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