{fashion} Rehabilitation

Although today has been exactly a year since my cycle accident and I am still on the journey to recovery I thought that I would be a little light-hearted about it all rather than dwelling on it. I have decided that the grey of last year, both metaphorical and sartorial, needs a bit of intervention and rehab.

Last year due to my imposed slower lifestyle I gained ( and am yet to lose) a great deal of weight, I spent much of the year with what I, self deprecatingly, called my dinosaur arm and I found myself hiding behind a wardrobe made up of a lot of grey. I think I have about fifteen grey t-shirts and sweatshirts, all of which are a bit sad and baggy now. It felt right last year, a comfortable uniform to hide behind and heal but now the time has come for colour!

Professionally and personally things are falling into place and I am starting to feel more alive and ready to blossom out from the difficulties of the last twelve months. Suddenly I don’t want to hide behind a uniform of grey so let there be light and colour! And a whole new wardrobe!colour collagePink flower topParkaGreen topBomber jacketPink sweaterShoulder bagCashmere beanieScarfBird blouse


  1. I wish I had known it was a year when we chatted to you this morning – congratulations on reaching this point and on your positive outlook. Here’s to light and colour! Kate

  2. I love the selection. These pieces should do the trick of raising your spirits. I have found that wearing colorful and stylish clothing makes being in a wheelchair a bit easier.

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