Winter hits Copenhagen but the Lakes are still not safe to walk on



Last week we had our first real snow of the winter here in Copenhagen and everyone seems to have been enjoying the weather over the weekend. I have seen a lot of photos on Instagram of people walking on the Lakes but the police are still warning that this isn’t safe to do. The weather has not been cold enough for long enough and the ice needs to be at least 16 to 18 cm thick before it is safe. Once it is safe there will be signs indicating this. Copenhagen Kommune has this helpful page that is being kept up dated so check this before you venture onto the ice – at time of writing on Monday 18th all the lakes still have a big fat Nej next to them.

Whilst it sounds a bit killjoy especially as people are already walking on the ice, it is worth keeping this in mind. No doubt the cold spell will continue and we will be able to safely walk and skate on the lakes (and I am the first to admit this is fun and I have done it) but let’s wait until it is safe to do so.

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