Christmas Hibernation

We put our Christmas tree up yesterday and we are now ready for a Christmas hibernation. This year has been a tough one all round and despite the weather being very mild it feels like it is time to get cosy at home and ready ourselves for the new year. I don’t have any proper posts planned except one or two over the holiday period so I will take this opportunity to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a restful holiday. Thank you for all your support, comments, kind words and just being there to read this blog over the last twelve months (and longer for some of you), it means a lot to me.

IMG_3050I am extending the opportunity to sign up for three free chapters of my forthcoming e-book until New Year’s Day so do click over and sign up, that would be great. Thank you.


  1. Hello Melanie,

    You wrote Hibernation..What do the people traditionally do in Copenhagen for Christmas ? Are they having a family reunion on Christmas Eve? The 25th ? Are they going out with friends or staying with Family members – hence for you a good time to hibernate? How is it as an ‘expat’… Just curious to compare with traditions here in Quebec (Canada). Have a good one and eager to reading your posts in the coming year!

    • Hi Julie, I had planned to write a little about traditions here but the month disappeared. Danes do celebrate on the evening of the 24th and it is usually a family affair. Many people in the city leave to visit family in other parts of the country so Copenhagen is generally very quiet over the 24 -26th. Shops are closed from the 23rd onwards with a few supermarkets opening (a new thing really). That is why it feels a little like a hibernation for us. This is an interesting link to traditions Next year I shall write about it. Merry Christmas to you too! x

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