Morning in Christianshavn

I usually find myself in Christianshavn for a purpose, which is a shame as it is a lovely place to have a wander around. Last week was no exception. After a few days of sitting in working I decided it was time to have a bit of time exploring. I wanted to see the current exhibition, Snøhetta, at the Danish Architecture Centre so I started my morning there. It was an interesting exhibition centred around the architecture firm, Snøhetta, and exploring the philosophy behind their work. It was fascinating to see how they take a functional building such as the Opera House in Oslo or a student centre in Canada and give it so many different aspects of use beyond the obvious. I am very interested in architecture and still learning a lot about it so this exhibition was perfect for me. It runs until 27th September.IMG_1893

The sun was out and I had a few more hours at my disposal so rather than walk past Vor Frelsers Kirke (Church of Our Saviour) I actually went inside. I contemplated walking up the spire famous for its outside staircase for about two seconds (but I hear its amazing so don’t let my laziness/vertigo put you off) and then decided to visit the interior of the church. The level of goldness was my main observation but I was glad that I took the time to go inside a building that I always just pass by whilst shuddering at the thought of the spire.DSC01265 DSC01261Finally I had a walk around one of my favourite places in the city, Christiania, before my rumbling tummy go the better of me. I noticed a new smart Thai restaurant just inside Christiania which seemed a little out-of-place but was attracting tourists so I guess it serves its purpose. It just seemed a little out of character for the Freetown.IMG_1900I planned to jump on the Metro and have some lunch in the city but as I walked back along  Prinsessegade I spotted a chalk A board outside a Belgian charcuterie shop advertising pate baguettes. I am sad I didn’t take a photo of either the shop or the baguette but please if you are in Christianshavn go into Thirion and have the pate baguette to go (with a lovely Belgian beer to wash it down) – I promise you won’t regret it! I sat by the canel and savoured every delectable mouthful and at 30kr for the sandwich it was a complete bargain!IMG_1894


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  1. Walking up the outside of a church spire?! That’s positively reckless! I much prefer your suggestion of that yummy sounding pate baguette. Altogether this sounds a great day out.

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