Exploring Vesterbro – Dybbølsgade

Wow! What a terrific response to yesterday’s post, thank you!  It is great to engage with readers and see debate and dialogue happening. I still believe that Denmark is the best place for my family and I but sometimes not everything is plain sailing. Hopefully the next time I write about my elbow (yawn I know!) it will be with better and more positive news. However back to normal programming today….

It is usually Istedgade and Kødbyen in Vesterbro that get talked about the most but I have a real soft spot for Dybbølsgade, which runs diagonally cross Vesterbro from Dybbølsbro Station towards Istedgade. It is a cosy street with communal seating dotted around and spots where the local residents have planted up areas in the street. You certainly feel that there is a lot of street life here, which I think it a great thing.IMG_0227IMG_0846I thought I would share a few of the places that I like on this street. IMG_0850 First is Kihoskh, this is a corner shop with a difference. They sell all the convenience things you would expect from a kiosk but also books, coffee table magazines and international titles plus a great selection of fruit and vegetables. Their thing is beers so you can choose from a decent selection of unusual brews to take home or enjoy outside. You can also grab a morning coffee and pastry and sit on the tables outside and watch the vibrant and diverse life of Vesterbro go by. One morning I spotted Danish actor Lars Mikkelsen sitting doing just that.

(Kihoskh, Sønder Boulevard 53, 1720 København V)IMG_0852Next up is Kost, an organic grocers, just across the street but I have a separate post planned for this place so I won’t say too much here but check it out if you are in the area.

(Kost, Sønder Boulevard 53, 1720 København V)IMG_0855 Wandering further up the street towards Istedgade you will see a large cafe on a corner called Sweet Surrender. This is one of the only (but do tell me if you know of others) specifically family friendly cafes in the city. It is not for profit and has an interesting menu and a play area for young children. I am not generally a fan of ‘child friendly’ cafes despite having a child but this places hits the mark of balancing a nice cosy place for adults with an inviting space for children.

(Dybbølsgade 49, 1721 København V)IMG_0856 IMG_0858


Enghave Kaffe, although not technically on Dybbølsgade, but at the very top on Enghave Plads, is a great place to stop for a decent cup of coffee before you hit Mania CPH, an amazing clothes shop selling bright and individual designs, for something a little brighter than the normal ‘Danish Rainbow’!

(Enghave Kaffe, Enghave Plads 3, 1670 København V)

(Mania Copenhagen, Enghave Plads 1, 1670 København V)

maniaThese are my favourite spots on this street – perhaps you have yours?


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