Sweet Sneak at The Dome of Visions

The Dome of Visions was originally located close to the Danish Architecture Centre in 2013 as a temporary structure and then moved to Århus for a period of time. Since last year it has been located in a permanent position next to the Black Diamond and is an open venue. Its website says “The Dome will be used for concerts, readings, debates about architecture, business seminars, exhibitions and even “camps” in which students and the city’s creative lights meet for days to immerse themselves in the new challenges of architecture.” With all the new architecture and develops along the inner harbour, it is an interesting addition to include the community in this space.DSC00807 On Monday we went along to the Sweet Sneak pop up bakery there and it was a great chance to experience The Dome (and eat some delicious cakes). It was cosy with great views across the harbour, it was a shame that the sky wasn’t blue but maybe next time. DSC00828DSC00809 DSC00812 DSC00814 It was deceptively spacious and warm. They heat it slightly in the winter and use windows at the top to cool it in the summer months. The air was scented with the plants growing inside the dome and the Fat Boys and mellow music made it all very cosy.DSC00816 DSC00818 DSC00819 DSC00823 DSC00827To find out what is on there, check out their events page on their website and also on Facebook. And to find out more about the next Sweet Sneak pop up follow the girls on Facebook and Instagram.

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