Bulb fields in Tivoli

I think that Tivoli in the spring is my favourite time there. Easter weekend is usually very quiet and the perfect time to enjoy the park. This year Tivoli have really done something inspired and special. Plænen was transformed into a huge 400sqm tulip bulb field with 96,000 bulbs in full bloom. It was amazing! Not only that but there was  a smaller hyacinth field of 16,000 flowers just inside the main entrance and you could smell them as soon as you entered – the scent of spring. All the flowers have been grown in Tivoli’s own flower farm.  Last Thursday was their last day – but beautiful whilst it lasted!

DSC00565 DSC00573 DSC00574 DSC00577



  1. Wow!! Just wow. I’ll have to add Easter to my ‘times of the tear I want to visit CPH’! Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos.

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