Friday Fun – how to wear graphic Tshirts

Time for some Friday Fun. I am really into graphic and slogan t-shirts and sweatshirts at the moment (current wardrobe favourites here, here and here) and this cute number below is winging its way to me now. I am currently pairing them with my trusty skinnies but with the spring and summer on the horizon, its time to think again.  In a bit of a throwback to my student days of band t-shirts and skirts, I think I will try out this look this summer.

Thumbs up or down?friday fun skirts

Stripped skirtTshirt, Black skirtGrey maxi, green long skirt, short green skirt, pink skirt


One comment

  1. Graphic shirts are actually tricky the older you get!
    You don’t want to be Baby, Cute or Juicy or something like this. But you also don’t want to have any clichees on them either. And, with my big boobs I have to be careful wiith prints anyway. I certainly don’t need to add anything up there…

    But if I go for it, I love the long skirts. I saw a women in a yellow silk skirt last year, it moved perfectly and had a great flow! I still think about it 🙂

    Go for it Melanie!

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