40 facts about me

Next month I am heading to Berlin for the fourth The Hive blogging conference and I am super excited. All delegates have been asked to share forty facts about themselves on their blogs so here are mine. A little personal snapshot for you.me 2

  1. I have lived in Copenhagen for almost 7 years and it still has the power to excite me.
  2. I lived in Berlin but never really ‘got it’.
  3. I learned to swim when I was 30.
  4. I have two tattoos and another one planned.
  5. I am fiercely independent and hate asking for help – recently I learned I need to ask more.
  6. My left arm is held together by titanium after a recent cycle accident…
  7. ..and I still don’t think I will wear a cycle helmet in the future.
  8. I never saw myself as a mum but I love being one.
  9. I still don’t like babies.
  10. I wish I had a time machine and I could go back and live days from my past again exactly as they were.
  11. I still miss my Grandad after over 15 years since he died.
  12. I am still friends with my best friend from school but I wish we could be 15 again.
  13. I used to fence épée and was ranked in the top five for my age group when I was 17.
  14. I don’t think I have aged but think other people have.
  15. I am always bursting with ideas but often lack the confidence to take them forward.
  16. I met my husband when we were 20 but we didn’t get married until I was 32.
  17. I am not always positive.
  18. I used to write a newsletter called Wildlife in Danger on my mum’s old typewriter when I was 9.
  19. My best birthday presents as a child were a new portable typewriter, a Polaroid camera and a globe (not in the same year).
  20. Best birthday memory is playing with my swingball in the garden the morning after my birthday in my pjs with the morning dew on my feet.
  21. I used to have an imaginary unicorn.
  22. My favourite books were the Chalet School series and I still yearn to visit the location in Austria where the first few were set.
  23. I have been writing a book for four years.
  24. I believe in fate and karma.
  25. I hate working in an office.
  26. I think airports and planes bring out the worse side of humanity.
  27. I love learning languages but my brain can only retain one other than my mother tongue at any one time.
  28. I would love to live in Paris.
  29. I don’t plan on dressing my age for a long time.
  30. I love sparkly clothes.
  31. My wardrobe is mainly grey, black and white (I have lived in Denmark too long) and I slightly fear bright colours now.
  32. I love fresh air and have to get out of the house everyday to breathe.
  33. I used to dream of living by the sea and now I do (and I appreciate it).
  34. I love the purity of flying a kite.
  35. Sunsets make me cry and I can watch one until the sun disappears completely (Copenhagen is perfect for sunsets).
  36. I am never happy with my hair.
  37. I have odd ears.
  38. I wish I had my nose pierced as a student.
  39. I regret not seizing more moments when I was younger.
  40. I want my son to seize all the moments he can.


  1. Number 14: God, I think we all do that. Then I take a selfie with the kids and see their peachy little faces against my dried apricot. Number 36: Is anyone happy with their hair? Number 38: Everyone did in Fresher’s week (1992) and had a tiny hole/mark on one side by the end of first year when they took out the ring to look different. Great list and a lovely post!

  2. totally with you on that Berlin thing! We actully talked about this at the second The HIve if you can recall. I also love that imaginary unicorn! And no. 39 is a regrett of my also…

    Love your 40facts!


  3. Loved reading these! Totally with you on the Berlin thing too. Love the museums, but still don’t really get the rest. Also, Chalet School!! You’re first person I’ve met who also loves these. I had *almost* all of them – really gutted I could never find the last few I was missing, I think they went out of print or something. Looking forward to seeing you at The Hive. Jenni x

    • I have almost all of the CS books except the later ones, which you are right, were out of print. I always wanted to be Joey in the Austria era. I’ll dig out my collection next time you are in town, they are in the attic.

  4. Honestly I’m not fond of Berlin. It’s too big, all too much for me. I love big cities though and I can’t wait to travel to Berlin next week. Not because of the city but because of you all. 🙂

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