New posts coming soon…

I thought I would pop in to say Hi! and another thank you for even more kind wishes you have sent me over the last week. I had the cast, such as it was, taken off yesterday and despite a rough night’s sleep, I am feeling loads more positive. I see a ergo therapist (still not sure the difference between this and a physio) tomorrow and start getting mobility back to my arm. The next month will be the hardest and they say it will take three months before I see a significant recovery. Its going to be hard work but I plan to be up to the challenge! This really is the time to put positive thinking into action!


I shall finish this week off getting my mental strength back, binge watching more of the Gilmore Girls, which I adore, spending more awake time with my son and husband and a lovely lunch on Friday with a good friend (even though she will need to help me cut my food, but what are friends for, eh?). Next week I plan to resume my client work and blogging here. As I can’t be all over the place researching and taking photos for a while, you may end up hearing a few more of my thoughts on life but rest assured I did have a few posts already photographed so they will be in the mix too.

The newsletter will start again in March and I hope will be worth the wait – I had some great interviews lined up for that and here on the blog so once things are back on an even keel you’ll get to read those.

Enjoy the rest of your week and see you Monday!


  1. An ergotherapist is similar to an Occupational Therapist, they often specialist in neurological damage and limb fractures; the idea is improve your mobility through exercise as much as possible, hopefully to the point where you’re able to cope with most every day tasks. At least that’s how mine explained it! I’ve damaged finger joints a couple of times over the years and would have lost the use of them without her help….. it takes a looooong time and I’ve been in despair at some points, but does help in the end. Good luck!

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