Goals for Autumn

In recent years I have found September a month of change and at times struggles. Partly I think that it is the change in season, much as I love the autumn it does mark the end of summer and the acceleration of another year passing. Over the last five years significant things have happened in September from me going into labour unexpectedly on the last day of the month (2009), moving to Berlin, my son being taken to hospital in an ambulance (both 2011), starting to plan our move back to Copenhagen (2012) and  my son taking the big step of preschool (2013). This year has also seen personal challenges. It is at these times that I struggle with my desire to stay positive.


Now the month is nearly over, I am taking the chance to draw a line under the pressure of September and look with positivity towards the last few months of the year. I have been finding, with a reduced amount of hours due to longer travel times to my son’s school this year, that my motivation to get out and about and also to tackle creative projects has been somewhat reduced so my goals for the coming season are to address this.

Firstly I have a plan of a number of new place to explore and share here. I am going to be open about these plans later in the week in the hope that it will make me stick to them. I also want to find the perfect spot in our apartment to set up my little photo studio as I have been letting my photography and attempts at styling fall a little to the wayside. The autumn is the ideal time to share crafts and cooking so this is also a must-do. I also need to get back into making paper flowers as this is so therapeutic.

I am also going to be kinder to myself (yet again) and to be realistic about how much outside my blog, business and home life I can really take on, especially with a couple of work projects on the horizon and the desire to keep this space interesting and fun.

So that is the plan – what are your plans for the autumn?


  1. Well my plans for October are to finally take a trip to Copenhagen for 5 nights with my wife and two boys. I’ve been reading your blog with interest, so you can feel good about encouraging me to take a trip! They are so much looking forward to visiting the zoo and tivoli and walking around the parks etc. Keep up with the excellent blog!

    • Wonderful! I hope you all have a wonderful trip here. Tivoli looks like it is going to be even better than last year this autumn by all accounts. Thanks for the kind comments too.

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