Lessons from being sick

So I am back here after a week of sickness. I have learned a lot from being sick this time. Firstly I have learnt to listen to my body and deal with niggly signs of sickness before they become a full assault on my body. Perhaps if I had seen the doctor at the first sign of a urine infection I wouldn’t have ended up with a severe infection there and a respiratory infection to boot.

CPH harbour

Secondly I realise that my diet needs a serious overhaul. Whilst I am not quite ready to give up everything I enjoy, there is certainly room for more fruit and vegetables, fish and proper breakfast and lunch. And less of the bad stuff – refined sugars, caffeine and wine.

Finally I shall listen to people that advise having regular body MOTs. I am always borderline anaemic so I would like this checked out as well as Vitamin D levels.

So those are the physical lessons but there are also other issues to look at. I just need to be kinder to myself – worry less, focus on the important things (actually get started on one of my many business ideas and follow through with it and be less of a gemini) and relax a little more and enjoy this beautiful city (example of this amazing place above). I actually have very little stress in my life yet often I feel overwhelmed.

So being sick has been the turning point – a new healthy relaxed me is my new goal!



  1. Good to hear you are feeling better and it seems you even managed to pull out something very positive in the middle of all the bad stuff. Things happen for a reason 🙂

    • Thanks, it had been in the back of my mind that things needed to change but it took missing out on a lot of things I was looking forward to yet again to really take notice.

  2. So glad you are better now….awareness is a beautiful thing. Sending you Vitamin D virtually from Arizona and of course lots of hugs! Have a wonderful day xoxo

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