My blogging journey

I thought I would share my blogging journey today. There are so many great blogs around now and my Bloglovin’ feed is a testament to this but many bloggers have been at the game for many years before it became very popular. I have been blogging in some form since 2007 and probably following blogs since 2008. The first three blogs I regularly followed were Susannah Conway, A Beautiful Mess (before it went huge) and Attic 24 (I still follow the first two and if I ever got back into crochet I would certainly follow the latter again).

In 2007 I started a very short-lived blog about growing my own vegetables. It was dull even for me and I abandoned it after about five posts. Later in 2007, my husband and I decided to move from the UK to Copenhagen and I rediscovered my Blogger account and decided to start a blog, essentially sharing photos and experiences of our new home with friends and family. It was, in the main, to avoid emailing lots of people with the same thing. I am not sure how many people looked at it after the first few months except for close family, but I loved doing it and stuck with it. It was mainly for me and I am delighted to have this record of that time. This blog continued through my pregnancy and it now still going as a personal record of our family life, which delights our parents as the main focus is my son.


We moved to Berlin in the autumn of 2011 and I continued what I refer to as our family blog. I found the transition to life in Berlin very tough and struggled to find a welcoming slot into life there and also much information in English about things on to offer young families. So I started a blog called Expat Mummy in Berlin (which still has relevant information and still gets a lot of visitors even now) and started to share information about places I went with my then two-year old son. In all honesty it was a lifeline for me. It gave me a reason to get out into the city and try to enjoy life. I didn’t really look at my stats until one day I did and I was getting loads of visitors, I then started to get positive comments both publicly and to my email. I met other English mums who told me about this great blog they had discovered and often I was too shy to say it was mine. I was then invited to be the Berlin insider for Luvaville and other guest blogger opportunities came along. My blog was mentioned on one of the leading Berlin parenting magazine’s website. By the early summer of 2012 we knew we were leaving Berlin to return to Copenhagen in 2013 but I still stuck with the blog. I felt that if I made one mum feel less isolated and unhappy, then I had achieved something. On a side note, if you are an English speaking parent living in Berlin now, this up to date blog is well worth a look.

On my return to Copenhagen, I knew I wanted to continue to blog in a more professional way but there was more information available to non Danish speaking families and I felt that I wanted to move on from being a ‘mummy’ blogger so I started this blog, sharing my love of Copenhagen as an expat. I felt there was too much negativity around being an expat in Copenhagen and I wanted to offer an alternative view. I again received lovely comments on this and I have enjoyed a growing and loyal readership. The blog has led to other guest blogging opportunities and also travel writing, which I love and I am doing more of. I love blogging and will probably continue to do so for many years to come.

I hope you have enjoyed my journey so far.

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