Copenhagen street style – biker boots

It seems that summer is over here in Copenhagen but even before it was I spotted women wandering around with biker boots and skirts/shorts during the August Fashion Week. It looks like this is a fashion for the autumn before we have to retreat into our snow boots.

It is a fashion I like, comfy and sensible but at the same time slightly rebellious with a bit of girly thrown in, depending how they are worn. They also remind me of my uni years when I lived in a pair very similar to the pair on the top right below.

Last winter I bought a pair of boots I ended up hating but wore for a lot of the winter as it was so mild, I think I may well treat myself to a pair I like more this year – but the question is which ones?boots

Clockwise from top left

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  1. Lovely boots! Middle bottom row are my favourites but the two on the far left are very cute too! Can feel the weather starting to turn here too, but to be honest I am definately enjoying the cooler nights and dare I say it I am actually looking forward to Autumn!! Xx

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